One of the most useful things you can add to your website is an internal link searching tool, so your visitors can quickly and easily lookup exactly what they need from your website content.

Many web servers ship with some sort of “stock” site searching tool. Even Front Page includes one as part of the package. Why consider iSeek? In a word …. speed.

iSeek uses our proprietary keyword indexing system to make searches of your web site’s content lightning fast.

iSeek Highlignts…

Customizable Interface You design the output of your search results pages, and search form
Multiple site capability iSeek will “spider” any website on the machine which it is running on. If you run many sites from a single server, as we do, then you’ll really appreciate iSeek’s ability to spider all of your websites into one, convenient database for your visitors to search from.
Full Boolean Searching iSeek shares the search algorithm with it’s big brother, Hyperseek, to provide your visitors with a comfortable way to search the database and get exactly what they want.
SERVER REQUIREMENTS iSeek runs only on Unix Web Servers, equipped with Perl Version 5.004 or higher, and the DB_File library

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